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CII Foundation (CIIF) was set up by CII in 2011 to undertake a wide range of social development and charitable initiatives across India. The CII Foundation works towards inclusive development by designing and implementing high-impact projects to cover some of the most marginalised communities, working closely with marginalised communities and donors, especially the Corporate Sector.

Work Approach



Pool Funded


Impact & Sustainability


Each story of the 'women exemplars' was moving, inspirational, liberating.
A big thank you to the team.

Vipin Sondhi

Managing Director & CEO
Ashok Leyland Ltd.

Impact Stories

Inspiring Change from within the Community

Apart from vehicular and industrial emissions, one of the major contributors to the problem of deteriorating air quality is the stubble burning prevalent in the northwestern states leading to the periodic and a meteoric rise in air pollution during the post monsoon season.....

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